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Column storage attributes are a Teradata extension to ANSI SQL. If you do not specify explicit formatting, a column assumes the default format for the data type, which can be specified by a custom data formatting specification (SDF) defined by the tdlocaledef utility. For more information, see Teradata Vantage™ - Database Utilities, B035-1102. Explicit formatting applies to the parsing and to the retrieval of character strings.

If you change the tdlocaledef.txt file and issue a tpareset command, the new format string settings affect only those tables that are created after the reset. Existing table columns continue to use the existing format string in DBC.TVFields unless you submit an ALTER TABLE statement to change it. For more information, see ALTER TABLE (Basic Table Parameters).

Not all data type attributes are supported for UDT, ARRAY, VARRAY, Geospatial, and Period column declarations, and no column storage or column constraint attributes are supported for those types.

You can specify server character sets for character data by specifying CHARACTER SET server_character_set for character columns.

The database supports the following server character sets.

You cannot specify the server character set KANJI1.

The database automatically converts any existing character columns with a server character set of Kanji1 to a server character set of Unicode.