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The IN XML option reports the SQL DDL, but not all of the definition constructs for join indexes and views, so it is not possible to decompose and reconstruct their definitions from their reported XML format definitions.

This means that you cannot use Teradata Tools and Utilities applications or third-party tools to retrieve join index or view definitions and their properties in XML format, nor can you export the definitions of those objects from the database in XML format.

Despite this, the XML text for join index definitions is helpful because it includes the following useful information.
  • The names and data types of the columns in the join index or view definition in XML format.

    You can then create global temporary or volatile tables to record the XML text view or join index definition data.

  • A list of all of the referenced database objects in the join index or view definition.

    This information is useful for validating that the base tables referenced in the join index or view definition are available, because Vantage only makes a semantic check when the object is referenced at run time.