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Add a Security Constraint Column to a Table

This section describes how to apply security constraint columns to a table.

To add a security constraint column to a table

1 Create one or more security constraints. For instructions, see “To create or administer security constraints” on page 79.

2 Click Tools>Create Tables, click Constraint, and then click the Security list item.

Table 13 on page 57 contains more information about the Create Tables dialog.

3 On the Add Security Constraints dialog, select one or more security constraints, and then click Add.

Add Security Constraints Options for Tables


Table 24: Add Security Constraints Dialog Box (Tables) Description 

Field or Control Name


(Unlabeled listbox)

A list of all the security constraints currently defined on this system.


Adds the selected constraint(s) to the table.


Closes the Add Security Constraints dialog without adding a constraint.