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Step 2a - Set Database Options

Use the following procedure to set the database options.

To set the database options

1 From the main window, click Tools>Options.

2 Click the Main tab.

3 Set your database options as follows:

  • Root Database - Enter the name of the root database here. The initial default value is DBC.
  • What to Load - Choose from the following:
  • All Databases and Users - Loads all databases and users
  • Only Databases - Loads only databases or any users that have children.
  • Databases and Users with Permspace - Loads only databases or users that have perm space. Also loads any databases or users that have children, even if they have no perm space.
  • Double-click Actions - Select the following:
  • Database - Select the action that occurs when the database in the tree is double-clicked.
  • Table - Select the action that occurs when a row is double-clicked in the tables grid.
  • 4 Continue setting operational preferences using “Step 2b - Set Filtering Options” on page 36, or click OK to save your changes and exit the dialog box.