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June 2021
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  1. Select "" > Machine Learning.
  2. Select the name of an existing strategy.
    The Details tab displays the responses, attributes, and advanced options defined when the strategy was created.
  3. To see details about associated machine learning models, select Performance.
    For each response to a target value defined in the strategy, the table lists:
    • Values of the prediction target
    • ID for the machine learning model
    • Date when the model was last built
  4. To see the effect of influencing factors on the response rate for any target value, select the corresponding table row.
    Both positive and negative influence outcomes include weighted percentages. An influence rate of 0% indicates the influence for the factor equals the average response rate.
    • Select Filter Results to view the influence of values for any single influencing factor attribute in the model.
    • Select Descending or Ascending (bottom right) to change the sort order.