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June 2021
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Consider the following before setting up a third-party profile:
  • The third-party application must supply XML or JSON for third-party profiles.
  • The third-party application must be able to receive the request from Vantage CX and send the third-party profile data back to Vantage CX.
  • All fields from the third-party application may be mapped to Vantage CX attributes; this happens when you configure the Vantage CX third-party profile.
  • Third-party profiles add to the time that Vantage CX needs to respond to a request from the channel. Vantage CX waits a short while for all enabled third-party profiles to be returned and then continues the decisioning process with or without the third-party profiles.
    The length of time that Vantage CX waits is set globally.
    • For SaaS users, the wait time is not configurable.
    • For on-premises users, the wait time is configurable.

      See Vantage Customer Experience Installation & Environment Requirements for details.

When Vantage CX is integrated with CIM, you can create third-party profiles from within CIM, which are then pushed to Vantage CX. Do not also manually create third-party profiles for CIM.