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September 2019
User Guide
The Vantage CX Wrapper is a scripting framework that your Vantage CX administrator can use to write scripts that contain custom business logic for use with Vantage CX. One of the capabilities of the Wrapper is to populate attributes being sent with messages when Vantage CX responds to the channel.

For example, suppose that the Price attribute references a script named pricescript. For this use case, the purpose of the script is to make a call to an external pricing server to get the current price for a product so that Vantage CX has that price to use in criteria and decisioning.

Your Vantage CX administrator can also write Vantage CX Wrapper scripts that are not associated with message responses; those scripts are not referenced within the Vantage CX business user interface.
  1. Obtain the name of the script that populates the attribute from your Vantage CX administrator and place in /etc/artim/scripts.
  2. After you select attribute value type Script, type the name of the script in the Script Name field.

    You can type only one script name in the field, but multiple attributes can refer to the same script.

    The script name is case-insensitive. Vantage CX does not validate whether the script exists when you type the script name.