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June 2018
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Lab users can submit a request to extend the lab expiration date prior to the lab expiration date. If a lab has expired, you cannot submit a request to extend the lab expiration date; however, you can submit a request to reinstate the lab.

Teradata Database users or roles that have read-only access to a lab cannot send requests to extend a lab.

  1. Do one of the following to submit a request to extend the lab expiration date if the lab has not expired:
    Option Description
    From the Monitoring tab
    1. Click next to the lab, and select Extend Lab.

      The lab group and lab are selected for you. To change the lab group or lab, use the Requests tab to submit your request.

    From the Requests tab
    1. Click next to REQUESTS.
    2. Select Extend Lab from the Request type list.
    3. Select a lab group.

      All lab groups appear including private lab groups where you are a user.

    4. Select the lab where you want to extend the expiration date.

      The labs that appear include those where you are a user or an owner.

  2. Do one of the following:
    Option Description
    Set a renewal time frame on the lab Select Renew lab for and either select the number of days from the list or type a number from 1 to 9999 and press Enter.
    Set no expiration on the lab Select No expiration.
  3. [Optional] Enter a comment up to 500 characters.
  4. Click Submit. You will receive an email notification after your request has been approved, depending on your email notification settings.
After your request has been approved, the new expiration date appears in the Expires column in the Monitoring tab.