17.00 - DataFrames for Tables and Views - Teradata Package for Python

Teradata® Package for Python User Guide

Teradata Package for Python
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November 2021
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User Guide
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This section provides detailed usage examples of the functions for data management, exploration, preparation in teradataml.

teradataml DataFrame examples documented in this guide require certain datasets to be loaded. Use these commands to load them:
>>> from teradataml import load_example_data
>>> load_example_data("dataframe", ["scale_housing_test", "employee_info", "sales", "admissions_train", "join_table1", "join_table2", "iris_test"])
See load_example_data() Function for more details about 'load_example_data()' utility.

In this section, assume you have a context created with these commands:

>>> from teradataml import create_context, DataFrame
>>> create_context(host = "myhostname", username="myusername", password = "mypassword")