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November 2021
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When the copy_to API fails with the Database error message “4358 Time Series: TD_TIMECODE| TD_SEQNO out of range for table”, you must check the permitted TD_TIMECODE and TD_SEQNO range using the following:
con = get_connection().connection
cur = con.cursor()
td_cur = cur.execute(“exec DBC.TD_TIMESERIES_RANGE('MyDB.<table_name>')”)
  • MyDB is the schema name
  • <table_name> is the name of the table to be created
And correct the data or the arguments like "seq.max" to suit the data.
When the data insertion fails, the table is already created.

If a table is to be created with the same table name after the error is handled, the existing table must be dropped using the argument "if_exists = replace".