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Teradata Tools and Utilities for CentOS Linux Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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November 2016
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Teradata Tools and Utilities
Before you install Teradata Tools and Utilities software, always compare the versions available from the following resources:
  • Teradata Software Server
  • Teradata Developer Exchange
  • Installation media (DVD)

In general, software on the Teradata Software Server will contain the most recent point release of a software product, followed by Teradata Developer Exchange, and finally the installation media.

The 15.10 release is not compatible with any previous release. The main installer will provide the option to remove any pre-15.10 release before installing 15.10. If not removed, the pre-15.10 release will not work properly, and the 15.10 release also may have issues.
Installation Type Description
Installing from a Web URL Some Teradata Tools and Utilities have third-party dependencies. Install these dependencies from their respective URLs.
Installing from media (DVD) The initial distribution of software is on media (DVD) in the Teradata Tools and Utilities Installation Kit. Using the installation script, install products on a single computer from the media. The media contains installation packages for the current release.
Installing from Teradata Developer Exchange The download center may contain more current software packages which should be installed instead of lower version software contained on the DVD media. Packages on the download center include drivers and connectivity software.
Installing from Teradata Software Server Check the Teradata Software Server (also known as the Patch Server) for the latest version of software packages and patches.
Installing from Teradata ESDM Server For more information about the Teradata Electronic Software Distribution Management (ESDM) program, see Electronic Software Distribution Guide, BCD0-0718.
Deploying using tar The DVD media include files that allow you to deploy Teradata Tools and Utilities products across your network using tar.gz files and tar.