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Vantage Customer Experience Path Analysis Tutorial

Vantage Customer Experience
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June 2022
English (United States)
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Teradata Applications

Take few moments to explore the path diagram.

  1. You can:
    Action Select
    Select dominant path Select Dominant
    View user paths Expand All to show all paths

    Collapse All to reduce number of paths

    Expand a path to see its events ""
    Collapse a path, after it is expanded ""
    Display number of records (customers) for an event "" > Show Count Labels
    View underlying SQL query Show SQL to review or copy underlying SQL query
    View results in a table Result Data
    View results as a path Visualization
    Show and hide parameter sidebar ""
    Pan and zoom the path diagram Select and drag the path diagram.

    Use the mouse wheel or double-click and Shift+double-click to zoom.

  2. Let's update the path to focus on customers who canceled their service.
    In the Events Pattern area, select Cancel Service for Ending pattern.
    Unselect Any Event in order to select Cancel Service.


  3. Leave the other fields with their current values, and select Run.
Vantage CX generates a new path diagram of the events that led to customers canceling their service, and highlights the dominant path.


By visually exploring the data, it is apparent that the BILL DISPUTE event is a serious problem that leads to customers canceling their service.
We can adjust the path parameters as follows, and the select Run to generate a new diagram showing the customer paths that begin with billing disputes:
Parameter Description
Events patterns For Starting pattern, select BILL DISPUTE.

For Ending pattern, select Any Event.

This shows the paths starting with this event.

Vantage CX generates a new path diagram showing the customer paths from the BILL DISPUTE event:


We can see that customers with BILL DISPUTE are also reviewing their contract (the REVIEW CONTRACT event). We can engage with these customers before they cancel their account.