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Vantage Customer Experience Path Analysis Tutorial

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The first thing the new customer list should do is clear any prior data from the table. To accomplish this, we can use an SQL node, which allows you to submit any query to Vantage.

  1. Select and drag "" to the canvas.

    Dragging SQL

  2. In the Properties panel,do the following:
    Name Type Clear Prior Events.
    Connection Select the Teradata-Vantage database connection that you created earlier.
  3. Double-click the SQL node and type the following code in the SQL Code window:
    delete from tutorial_customer_events;
    Tip: You can also enter the code by selecting the node then selecting Edit, located at the bottom of the Properties panel.

    SQL code

  4. Select Save SQL.
  5. To connect the SQL node to the customer list, select and drag from the connector dot in the Start node to the Clear Prior Events (SQL) node.
Your customer list should look similar to:

Workflow showing SQL node

The error you’re seeing on the SQL node indicates that you have an incomplete customer list with no success path. You'll fix that by adding the remaining items to the customer list.