16.20 - Specifying Headers and Footers - Basic Teradata Query

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
October 2018
Programming Reference
Text for headers and footers can be specified for the top and bottom of each page. They can include the following information:
  • The report date. This is the date that the print file is created, not the date the report is printed.
  • The report time. This is the time that the print file is created, not the time the report is printed.
  • Page number.
  • The current value of the data in a certain column of the report. Usually, this is a column specified by an ORDER BY clause in the SELECT statement.
  • A running text string that identifies the report. This is usually a descriptive version of the SELECT statement.

If a header (or title) for a report is not specified, BTEQ uses a default one-line header or title that includes the report date (left-justified), as much of the SQL request text that fits (centered), and the page number (right-justified).

If a footer is not specified, BTEQ uses the available space at the bottom of the page for additional rows of report data.