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June 2021
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During the Vantage CX decisioning process, arbitration formulas score messages then sort the scored messages.

You can link arbitrations to interaction points, areas, and message groups.

  1. From an interaction point, area, or message group, select Arbitration.
  2. Select an Order of Responses.
    Option Description
    Descending [Recommended] Highest value given highest priority. Messages that score the highest are returned for a customer.
    Ascending Lowest value given highest priority.
  3. In Attribute Values, select attributes and type operands to build the formula.
    Double-click attributes on the left to include them in the formula. To include a negative number, enclose it in parentheses.
    Attribute Category Description
    Customer Customer attribute value or values
    Context Attributes owned by the parent channel - Corporate, Customer, Marketing, and Messaging
    External Scores A predefined complex attribute category with a predefined attribute, Score Value. Values passed in that have the External Scores and Score Value attribute category and attribute can be used in Vantage CX arbitration. These values would be scores calculated external to Vantage CX by a system such as Teradata Vantage, SAS, or a proprietary system.
    To use external scores, the scores must be passed in with the exact complex attribute category and attribute predefined in the Arbitration Formula builder, and those external scores must be used in one or more arbitration formulas. Otherwise, Vantage CX does not use the external scores. See the Vantage Customer Experience API Guide.
    Machine Learning Strategies If a machine learning strategy is defined, you can select the attribute name associated with the prediction target for any targeted response defined in the strategy.