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What Is Teradata Workload Analyzer?

Teradata Workload Analyzer (Teradata WA) helps Database Administrators identify classes of queries (workloads) and provides recommendations on workload definitions and operating rules to ensure that database performance meets Service Level Goals (SLG). Through the use of various reports and graphical displays, Teradata WA makes it easier for administrators to effectively manage distribution of resources. The more control administrators have over resource allocation, the more they can ensure satisfactory response times for critical queries.

Teradata WA supports the conversion of existing Priority Scheduler Definitions (PDSets) into new workloads. A PDSet is the collection of data, including the resource partition, allocation group, period type, and other definitions that control how the Priority Scheduler manages and schedules session execution. This is helpful for users that have tuned their Priority Scheduler settings for their specific workloads.

Teradata WA provides three major areas of guidance:

  • Recommending workload group definitions. The DBA guides these based on business knowledge and Analyzer-assisted based on existing workload mix and characteristics
  • Recommending appropriate workload goals
  • Recommending workload to AG mapping plus priority scheduler weights