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Configuring Application Options

This section discusses the setting of Teradata WA options, allowing for configuration of application settings.

The Show Distinct Count option allows the display of the number of distinct value counts for all possible correlation parameters. It also allows the display of total available ranges for distribution parameters.

This feature provides an automated, intermediate analysis step to identify distinct value counts within all possible correlation parameters as well as a “heterogeneous” identification metric for the workload in general.

For example, with respect to the distinct value counts, a workload could display the following characteristics.

Figure 1: Example of workload and its distinct value counts

In Figure 1, the DBA benefits from the knowledge that there is only one distinct Application or Account, which run at the same urgency, so the effort in identifying a correlation against a different Application, Account, or other urgency values would be a waste of time.

The opportunity for correlation does exist for Users (24), Function (3), and Agglevel (8), so those options could be further analyzed in a trial and error method. The same process is applicable for selecting a distribution parameter because the Estimated Process Time has a large range, and drill-down required for analysis and classification.

The Show Distinct Count option is useful in avoiding unnecessary trial and error analysis by providing a direct analysis of distinct value counts in a workload. The distinct value counts are updated after each level of analysis. See “Using Deep Drill-Down and Refinement for Workload Analysis” on page 82 for more information.

To define Teradata WA options

1 From the Tools menu, select Options.

The Options dialog box appears.

2 Fill in the options as described in the table.




Show Distinct Count

Select this check box to display the distinct value counts for workload correlation parameters and the total available range for distribution parameters on the Analyze Workload tab.

Workload Prefix

The default characters used as the prefix in the workload definition name. The default is WD. Type a new value if appropriate.

Note: Using long prefixes can result in long workload definition names that might not be displayed properly in Viewpoint Workload reports. Keep prefixes as short as practical.

3 Click OK to save the changes, or Cancel to discard them and start over.