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June 2020
English (United States)
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The following table lists character sets supported by Teradata FastLoad.

Character Sets Supported by Teradata FastLoad 
Character Set Name Description Configuration
ASCII Latin Workstation-attached
EBCDIC Latin Mainframe-attached
HANGULEBCDIC933_1II Korean Mainframe-attached
HANGULKSC5601_2R4 Korean Workstation-attached
KANJIEUC_0U Japanese Workstation-attached
KANJISJIS_0S Japanese Workstation-attached
KATAKANAEBCDIC Japanese Mainframe-attached
KANJIEBCDIC5026_0I Japanese Mainframe-attached
KANJIEBCDIC5035_0I Japanese Mainframe-attached
SCHEBCDIC935_2lJ Simplified Chinese Mainframe-attached
SCHGB2312_1T0 Simplified Chinese Workstation-attached
TCHEBCDIC937_3IB Traditional Chinese Mainframe-attached
TCHBIG5_1R0 Traditional Chinese Workstation-attached
UTF-8 Unicode character set
  • Mainframe-attached
  • Workstation-attached
UTF-16 Unicode character set Workstation-attached

Site-Defined Character Sets

When the character sets defined are not appropriate for a site, custom character sets can be defined using the information the following table. For information on defining a custom character set, see Teradata Vantage™ - SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples, B035-1144.

The following table lists the site-defined character sets.

Site-Defined Character Sets
Character Set Name Description Configuration
SDHANGULEBCDIC933_5II Korean Mainframe-attached
SDHANGULKSC5601_4R4 Korean Workstation-attached
SDKATAKANAEBCDIC_4IF Japanese Mainframe-attached
SDKANJIEBCDIC5026_4IG Japanese Mainframe-attached
SDKANJIEBCDIC5035_4IH Japanese Mainframe-attached
SDKANJIEUC_1U3 Japanese Workstation-attached
SDKANJISJIS_1S3 Japanese Workstation-attached
SDSCHEBCDIC935_6IJ Simplified Chinese Mainframe-attached
SDTCHEBCDIC937_7IB Traditional Chinese Mainframe-attached
SDSCHGB2312_2T0 Simplified Chinese Workstation-attached
SDTCHBIG5_3R0 Traditional Chinese Workstation-attached
For information on defining a custom character set, see Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine International Character Set Support, B035-1125.

Rules for Chinese and Korean Character Set Use

Follow these rules when using Chinese and Korean character sets on mainframe-attached and workstation-attached platforms.
  • Object Names

    Object names are limited to A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and special characters such as $ and _.

  • Maximum String Length

    The database requires two bytes to process each of the Chinese or Korean characters. This limits both request size and record size. For example, if a record consists of one string, the length of that string is limited to a maximum of 32,000 characters or 64,000 bytes.

For more information about Chinese or Korean character set restrictions, see Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine International Character Set Support, B035-1125.


When an AXSMOD is used, Teradata FastLoad passes the session character set as an attribute to the AXSMOD for its possible use (most AXSMODs will not make any use of this information).

The attribute value will be a variable-length character string consisting of the character set name; the attribute name will be CHARSET_NAME.