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Editing in the Display Area

The display area is used in two ways:

  • To display the result of processing a Teradata SQL statement
  • Enter a statement
  • To enter a statement in the display area, use the following procedure:

    1 Execute the INPUT edit command to tell the system that the display area will now be used for statement input.

    This action positions the cursor at the beginning of the display area.

    2 Key the Teradata SQL statement, using the edit commands listed in Table 2 on page 31 and Table 3 on page 32.

    When the display area is set for input, only ITEQ edit commands may be executed.

    3 Press the PF14 key (assigned to the SUBMIT edit command) to enter the statement for processing.

    ITEQ displays the first three lines of the statement in the input area and resets the display area for display of the result. Note that if the first line of the statement is too long to fit opposite the arrow in the input area, the line is wrapped around into the second line of the input area, and the second line of the statement is positioned in the third line of the input area.

    If the result of the statement is not what you wanted, you may do one of two things:

    1 Edit the statement displayed in the input area and press Enter to re-enter the statement for processing.

    The new result is displayed in the display area.

    2 Edit the statement in the display area by pressing the PF13 key (assigned to the SHOW command).

    The display area is converted for statement entry and the statement is displayed there, overwriting the unsatisfactory result. Re-enter the corrected statement for processing by executing the SUBMIT command (PF14).

    If you execute an edit command incorrectly from the input area while you are editing a statement in the display area, the statement is erased and an error message is displayed. To redisplay the statement that you were editing, press the PA2 key.

    A statement that appears in the display area may be printed using the PRINT command, described in Chapter 5 and Appendix D.