15.10 - Changes to This Book - ODBC Driver for Teradata

ODBC Driver for Teradata User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
User Guide

The following changes were made to this book in support of the current release. Changes are marked with change bars. For a complete list of changes to the product, see the Teradata Tools and Utilities Release Definition associated with this release.


Date and


March 2015

  • Added additional keyword synonyms to tables throughout the document.
  • Chapter 2 > Verifying the TCP/IP Connection > Page 34: Added text to the end of the first paragraph: "…and successful loading of the Teradata ODBC driver."
  • Chapter 4 > Verifying Connection to the Teradata Database > Page 76: Updated content for section.
  • Chapter 6: Added note before Table 51.
  • In Chapter 8:
  • Table 72: Added SQL_ATTR_TRUSTED_SQL.
  • Added new section “Trusted Sessions” after “Restrictions” section.
  • Removed all references to “man” pages throughout document.
  • Chapter 6 > Table 31: Added a third note at the bottom of the SQLBindParameter description column.
  • Throughout document, replaced references to past/obsolete releases.
  • Chapter 1 > New Features: Added bullet item for "ODBC Driver supports Column Partitioning with a Primary AMP Index or a Primary Index."
  • Where applicable, changed specific references to release 15.10 to <TTU version> variable.
  • The odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini template files are now required to be used, and not simply strongly recommended for use.

  • Chapter 1 > New Features Added first 7 bullets, and note beneath.
  • Chapter 3 > Teradata ODBC Driver Options: Updated Driver Options dialog image, and added new "Enable Legacy Parser" option in Table 12.
  • Chapter 4 > Configuring a DSN Using ODBC Administrator Tool > step 5 on page 68: Updated Driver Options dialog image for Mac, and added new "Enable Legacy Parser" option in table 19.
  • Chapter 5 > Teradata DSN Options > Table 25:
  • Added new "Enable Legacy Parser" Keyword/Synonym.
  • IndexName Keyword/Synonym: Added note
  • Order=: Added note
  • Chapter 6:
  • ODBC Conformance > Table 31 > SQLStatistics: Added note
  • ODBC Named Indexes: Added note
  • Scalar Functions: Added note
  • Scalar Functions > Table 42: Added new "RIGHT()" string function
  • ODBC Connection Functions and Dialog > Table 51: Added "*ENABLELEGACYPARSER" Keyword
  • Parameter Arrays: Added new section "New Parser"
  • Added Appendix F, Deprecated SQL Transformations.
  • Added Appendix G: ODBC Sample Program Usage Information.
  • Added content on RFC support for the TDNEGO security mechanism.