15.10 - Configuration Characteristics - ODBC Driver for Teradata

ODBC Driver for Teradata User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata supports the Teradata Database password expiration security feature. When ODBC Driver for Teradata detects that the user database password has expired during a connect to a data source on Windows, a dialog box will display prompting the user for a new password.

If a new password is specified, ODBC Driver for Teradata then sends a message to Teradata Database setting the user password in the database to the new value.

ODBC Driver for Teradata will not change any password stored in the data source entry. Even though the data source entry will not contain the new password, the user will be logged into Teradata Database. If the user disconnects and then tries to reconnect with the same data source, the connection will fail with an “invalid password” message, since the data source will still contain the old password value. The user must manually change the value of the password using the ODBC.