Cabinet Build Conventions - Aster Appliances

Aster Appliance 5 Platform Hardware Installation Guide

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February 2018
English (United States)
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The placement of the hardware components in a cabinet follows these general cabinet build conventions:
  • All chassis are loaded, in sequence, from the bottom up.
  • All chassis are loaded from the front of the cabinet, and accessible from both front and rear of the cabinet.
  • AC boxes are mounted at the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Each chassis has a standard position in the cabinet, and is numbered from the bottom up.
  • Chassis can be managed or unmanaged.
  • Chassis that are managed or monitored over the server management network have assigned chassis ID numbers. The chassis ID number identifies the chassis by position/type in the server management interface.
  • Unmanaged chassis can be numbered by position for cabling purposes only. If numbered, the numbers do not appear in the server management interface as identification of the chassis.