6.20.08 - Log Retention Configuration - Aster Database

Teradata AsterĀ® Database 6.20 Release Notes

Aster Database
Release Number
November 2019
English (United States)
Last Update

Support for configuring log retention feature has been added through ncli command line and the AMC web interface.

Use these features to configure the maximum number of log files and the size of the log file which are created by LogServer.

The following commands have been introduced in ncli through the ncli support plugin:

ncli support commands
Command Help Text
logfilecountmod Set log file count limit. Valid range: 10-50 (default 10).
logsizemod Set log file size limit. Valid range: 100-500 MB (default 100).
showlogconfig Shows the current log retention configuration.

Use the following steps to set the log retention options are available in the AMC web interface.

  1. Access the AMC web interface.
  2. Select Admin Tab > Configuration > Cluster Settings > Log Retention Configuration.
  3. In the Log Retention Configuration dialog, set the following parameters:
    • Log Max File Size
    • Max Log File Count
    Parameter Name Default Value Range
    Log Max File Size 100 MB 100 to 500 MB
    Max Log File Count 10 10 to 50
    Tip: Setting both parameters to the maximum value allows a user to achieve a maximum count of 50 log files, each of 500 MB, bringing the maximum space that can be occupied to around 25 GB.