End-of-Life and Deprecation Notices - Aster Database

Teradata AsterĀ® Database 6.20 Release Notes

Aster Database
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November 2019
English (United States)
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  • AD 06.20.08 is the final maintenance release of Aster Database 6.20. Aster Database Maintenance and Support is being phased out by Teradata.

    For the latest timeline for this phase out, please review Service Bulletin 1006 (http://cks.teradata.com/skb/i/KAC151EBE).

  • Backup and Restore of Aster Database Using Teradata Data Stream Architecture

    Backup and Restore of Aster Database Using Teradata Data Stream Architecture (Teradata DSA-Aster BAR) is no longer a supported feature of AD 6.20.xx.xx releases. Aster Database customers may continue to use the existing Aster backup utility. For additional information about this feature support change, contact your Customer Support Representative.

  • Disallow New Use of HIGH and MEDIUM Compression Levels

    The use of HIGH and MEDIUM levels of compression when new tables and indexes are created is disallowed with this release. These levels are also disallowed in the ALTER TABLE and ALTER INDEX commands. However, existing tables and indexes with HIGH and MEDIUM levels of compression will continue to be supported, so you will not be required to recreate tables and indexes. However, you are required to change scripts that create and alter tables and indexes to use only the accepted syntax.

  • Templeton webHCat Service

    The Aster-Hadoop connector no longer uses the HCatalog RESTful service (the Templeton, webHCat service).

  • Hadoop Versions

    Hadoop versions CDH 4.5, HDP 1.x, and TDH 1.3.2 are deprecated.

  • ncli node showinterfaces

    The ncli node showinterfaces command is no longer supported.

  • ncli system addnode

    The --clean option and adding a node using a mac address are no longer supported.

  • Hardware

    Teradata Aster MapReduce Appliance 2.

  • AMC: Hard Restart

    Effective with the release of AD6.10, the Hard Restart button is no longer available in the AMC.