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Teradata Vantageā„¢ Trial Quick Start Guide

Vantage Trial
Release Number
August 2022
English (United States)
Last Update

To start using Vantage Trial, follow the instructions in the Welcome letter you receive from Teradata. See Logging into Vantage Trial.

By accepting the terms and conditions during the activation of your Vantage Trial account, you are verifying you have authority to use Vantage Trial and bind your company or organization to the terms and conditions. Teradata operations and support teams have access to the infrastructure of your Trial system, but not to your data.

Vantage Trial starts on the day the email invitation is sent out as the system is already provisioned and running. Your trial is valid for up to 30 calendar days or until your TCore-Hours run out, whichever occurs first. Subsequent users from your company that are added after the initial date only have access for the remaining number of days left in Vantage Trial.

Teradata sends you an email when Vantage Trial expires after 30 calendar days or upon exhaustion of all allocated TCore-Hours prior to 30 days. The system is decommissioned, your data on the instance is deleted, and your Vantage Trial account is disabled. Before your trial expires, contact your Teradata Account Team to apply for a trial extension or purchase Teradata Vantage.