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Before using Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator, connect to the Teradata QS database, TDWM. This section explains how to connect to the TDWM database and start Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator.

The following procedure assumes Teradata QS is installed and your Teradata Database connection is configured.

1 From your desktop, click Start > Programs Teradata Query Scheduler Admin 15.10 > Administrator.

The Teradata Query Scheduler Admin Logon dialog box appears.

2 Complete the following options in the Teradata Query Scheduler Admin Logon dialog box:


Table 9: Teradata Query Scheduler Admin Logon Dialog Box Description



Database Name box

Enter the name of the Teradata Database to use for scheduled SQL requests.

User Name box

Shows the default user name tdwm. If logging on as an Teradata QS admin, use this default. If logging on in view-only mode, enter the user name associated with the database name. See “Open Teradata QS in View-Only Mode” on page 36 for more details.

Password box

Enter the password associated with the user specified in the User Name box.

Mechanism list box

Select the authentication mechanism (for example, TD2) to be used for logon. The default is blank, representing the standard Teradata (TD2) mechanism.

Parameter box

Enter the authentication string to be used with the mechanism specified. If the specified mechanism does not require this string, leave the box empty.

Session Character Set list box

Select the Teradata session character set under which Administrator tasks will execute. On a Kanji system (having KANJI1 database object names), select the KANJISJIS_0S character set.

Use Data Encryption check box

Click or clear, based on whether to encrypt data through CLIv2. The default setting is checked, meaning data is encrypted when passed over the network between the Teradata QS Administrator and the Teradata Database.

Note: Encryption between the Teradata QS Administrator and the Teradata Database can also be enabled using the clispb.dat file, as described in the Teradata Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Network-Attached Systems (B035‑2418).

3 Click OK.

Teradata QS Administrator connects the Teradata Database and displays the list of scheduled requests.

To disconnect from the Teradata QS database and exit the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator, see “Exit the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator” on page 37.