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Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator Guide

Query Scheduler
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1 Ensure all disk drives on which results files are stored by Teradata QS servers are identically available to all Teradata QS server systems on Windows. This enables any Scheduled Request client to connect to any Teradata QS Server to retrieve their results.

2 Ensure all results file storage locations are configured so they have the same path on all server systems. This is easier to manage than configuring a different results location for every server.

1 Configure the Teradata QS Server to run as a user with network access privileges and write and read access to the specified directory.

2 From your desktop, click Start > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.

3 Select Services under Services and Applications in the directory tree.

4 From the list of services, select TQS Server and click Properties or right-click and select Properties from the shortcut menu.

5 In the TQS Server Properties dialog box, click the Log On tab.

6 Click This Account and fill in the domain/username and password boxes.

Note: Be sure the user specified is a member of the Windows Administrators group.

7 Click OK to save your changes.