17.10 - The Credentials File - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

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October 2021
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The credentials file contains user credentials such as "StorageAccountName" and "StorageAccountKey".

The credentials file also contains "StorageAccountEndPoint".

"StorageAccountName" and "StorageAccountKey" are required parameters where as "StorageAccountEndPoint" is an optional parameter.

If "StorageAccountEndPoint" is not specified in the credentials file, ".blob.core.windows.net" will be used as the default Azure Blob storage endpoint.

The following is an example of the contents of the credentials file with a default location of ~/azureaxsmod/credentials:

StorageAccountName = Testblobstorage
StorageAccountKey = dV6P********************************************************zA==
StorageAccountEndPoint = .blob.core.windows.net
StorageAccountName = Testblobstorage1
StorageAccountKey = oT9Z********************************************************PM==
StorageAccountName = Testblobstorage2
StorageAccountKey = sQ3R********************************************************UB==
StorageAccountEndPoint = .custom.endpoint.windows.net

These files have sections called Jobprofiles, identified with an arbitrary name in square brackets which describes the load or export job. You select a particular Jobprofile from the credentials file by using the -Jobprofile initialization string parameter.

You need to create an azureaxsmod directory under your home directory in which to keep the credentials file. This is the default location for the credentials file. But you also store the credentials file in any directory of your choice. However, you will need to specify the directory path where the credentials file is stored through the -ConfigDir initialization string.

On the Windows platform, the HOME environment variable has to be manually created.
You can store the StorageAccountName and StorageAccountKey values in Teradata Wallet and use the corresponding tdwallet keys in the credentials file. For example:
~/azureaxsmod # cat credentials
StorageAccountName = $tdwallet(tptazure_myaccount)
StorageAccountKey =$tdwallet(tptazure_mykey)
The key name must be prefixed by the "tptazure_" string.