17.10 - Teradata Wallet Support - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

Access Module
Release Number
October 2021
English (United States)
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The user has the option to look up the values for AccessID and AccessKey using Teradata Wallet. Items stored in Teradata Wallet are encrypted until used and the Teradata Access Module for GCS does not print the value for AccessKey retrieved from Teradata Wallet when used. Information on how to install Teradata Wallet and how to store values in it is available elsewhere in the Teradata documentation suite.

To access the value of an item stored in Teradata Wallet, the name of the item is specified as “$tdwallet(name_of_item)”. For instance: AccessID=$tdwallet(tptgcs_my_access_id) will retrieve the value associated with “tptgcs_my_access_id” and use it as the value for AccessID. The names of items stored in Teradata Wallet which are to be used by the Teradata Access Module for GCS must start with “tptgcs_”. The remainder of the name can be anything allowed by Teradata Wallet for a name. The user’s Teradata Wallet must be “unlocked” at the time the Teradata Access Module for GCS attempts to access the values from the wallet. Information on how to unlock the user’s wallet is included with the Teradata Wallet documentation.

An introduction to Teradata Wallet can be found here:


The Teradata Wallet application contains built-in documentation. Run: tdwallet help overview.