17.10 - Credentials File - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

Access Module
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October 2021
English (United States)
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The credentials file allows some of the Teradata Access Module for GCS parameters, particularly credentials, to be stored in a file rather than placed in the TPT job scripts. For convenience and consistency, the syntax and conventions are similar to the credentials file being used for the Teradata Access Module for S3.

A user-created credentials file contains the connection credentials such as "Access Key Id" and "Secret Access Key" (similar in concept to userid and password). The credentials file entry for the AccessID is gcs_access_key_id. The credentials file entry for the AccessKey is gcs_secret_access_key.

The following is an example of the contents of the credentials file with a default location of ~/.gcs/credentials:

gcs_access_key_id = <some-ecosystem-id>@<some-name>.gserviceaccount.com
gcs_secret_access_key = ************pqrs
gcs_access_key_id = <some-ecosystem-id>@<some-name>.gserviceaccount.com
gcs_secret_access_key = ************abcd
gcs_access_key_id = <some-ecosystem-id>@<some-name>.gserviceaccount.com
gcs_secret_access_key = ************wxyz
The Teradata Access Module for GCS requires the use of a Service Account. When obtaining the Service Account credentials (usually in JSON format) use the following parameters:
  • “client_email” value for the gcs_access_key_id entry (or AccessID in the Initialization string)
  • “private_key” value for the gcs_secret_access_key entry (or AccessKey in the Initialization string)

The “private_key” usually begins with -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- and ends with -----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n. Make sure you copy all characters verbatim, including all \n characters, without the enclosing double-quotes, without any modifications.

The access module attempts to output (to the console) the last several characters of the “private_key” prior to -----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n so the user can verify the proper key was specified.