15.00 - Normal Termination - MultiLoad

Teradata MultiLoad Reference

Programming Reference

Normal Termination

Including the Teradata MultiLoad LOGOFF command in a Teradata MultiLoad job script terminates the utility normally on both network-attached and mainframe-attached client systems. The following syntax diagram illustrated the command.

Teradata MultiLoad logs off all sessions with Teradata Database and returns a status message indicating:

  • The total processor time that was used
  • The job start and stop date/time
  • The highest return code (termination return code) that was encountered:
  • 0 if the job completed normally
  • 4 if a warning condition occurred
  • 8 if a user error occurred
  • 12 if a fatal error occurred
  • 16 if no message destination is available
  • Teradata MultiLoad also:

  • Either maintains or drops the restart log table, depending on the success or failure of the job.
  • If specified, returns the optional retcode value to the client operating system.
  • For more information about return codes and the conditions that maintain or drop the restart log table, see “LOGOFF” on page 171.