15.00 - Definition - MultiLoad

Teradata MultiLoad Reference

Programming Reference


Always estimate the final size of the Teradata MultiLoad target tables and make sure that the destination database has enough space to complete the Teradata MultiLoad job.

If the database that owns the Teradata MultiLoad tables runs out of space, Teradata Database returns an error message and Teradata MultiLoad stops the job. When this happens, allocate more space to the database before restarting the Teradata MultiLoad job.

Target tables might need extra space and each Teradata MultiLoad job needs permanent space for:

  • Work tables
  • Error tables
  • The restart log table
  • Note: Spool space for Teradata MultiLoad work tables, error tables, or the restart log table cannot be used. Spool space is freed at each restart. Using permanent space for the Teradata MultiLoad tables preserves the data for restart operations after a system failure.

    Note that work tables, especially, require a large amount of extra permanent space.