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February 2018
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To protect Teradata® personnel from injury and to prevent damage to customer equipment, Teradata service representatives are NOT authorized to move or relocate any cabinets.

If required, cabinets must be moved by professional movers with appropriate handling and safety equipment only.

It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange and contract with the moving company.

Per this policy, "Move or Relocate" shall include, but not be exclusive to, activities such as:

  • Loading or unloading cabinets from delivery trucks.
  • Crating or uncrating cabinets.
  • Moving cabinets to or from datacenters and loading docks.
  • Moving cabinets to or from staging areas.
  • Moving cabinets via hallways, ramps, lifts, tunnels, stairs or elevators.
  • Moving cabinets between datacenter floors.
  • Repositioning cabinets on the datacenter floor.

Nothing in this policy shall absolve a Teradata CSR from any other installation or de-installation activity including appropriate direction and guidance to moving personnel.

It shall be permissible for a Teradata CSR to make slight movements to a cabinet as required for leveling, alignment and bolting purposes, provided such work can be carried out in a safe manner. It will be at the sole discretion of the CSR to request any necessary assistance from the customer if deemed required.

This CS policy is valid globally.