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Returned Data Format

The Teradata OLE DB Access Module provides data to and receives data from Teradata utilities in pmIDFBin1Plus format with indicator mode bits. In this format, each row consists of the following:

  • A 2‑byte record‑length indicator specifying the length of everything in the row except the record‑length indicator
  • An indicator bit for each field specifying whether the field has data or is NULL
  • The actual row data
  • A new‑line character signifying the end‑of‑record
  • When creating job scripts, be sure to specify the following:

  • INDICATORS in the BEGIN LOADING command of a FastLoad job script
  • MODE INDICATOR in the .EXPORT command of a FastExport job script
  • INDICATORS in the .LAYOUT command of a MultiLoad job script
  • INDICATORS in the .LAYOUT command of a TPump job script
  • INDICDATA in the .IMPORT command of a BTEQ load job script
  • INDICDATA in the .EXPORT command of the BTEQ export job script
  • Yes in the IndicatorMode attribute value and Formatted in the Format attribute value of the DATACONNECTOR operator definition of a Teradata PT job script