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Open Pipes Restriction

The number of open pipes is limited to one per instance of the Named Pipes Access Module under the following conditions:

  • When you specify a fallback data file name
  • The one‑to‑one relationship between open pipes and fallback data files imposes this restriction. To avoid this constraint, allow the Named Pipes Access Module to assign the fallback data file names by specifying only a directory name or accepting the default directory name for fallback data files.

  • When you use unnamed pipes on a SPARC system running Oracle Solaris
  • Because a file descriptor file system device can be opened by more than one process at the same time, you cannot allow the Named Pipes Access Module to generate default fallback data file names when using unnamed pipes. Instead, you must specify a fallback data file name for the unnamed pipe, thereby imposing the one‑pipe‑per‑instance restriction.

    Note: There must be no file in the directory in which the named pipe is created for data transfer that has same name as the named pipe.