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6800 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

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February 2018
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BYNET V5 Network Topology for a Maximum 108-Node System

  • Consists of one or more 6800 processing/storage cabinets, a VMS with SWS VM or a Service Workstation (SWS), plus additional (optional or required) Platform Framework Cabinets.
  • Scalable from 1 to 108 total Teradata Database nodes, hot standby nodes, PE nodes, channel servers, and TMSs in any combination.
  • One BYNET V5 cabinet provides redundant BYNET V5 networks (Network-0 and Network-1). The cabinet contains two 108-port switches.
  • Each 108-port BYNET V5 switch contains from 1 to 6 leaf boards. Each leaf board supports up to 18 Teradata Database nodes, PE nodes, TMSs, and/or channel servers. Each switch has three spine boards that allow the leaf boards to communicate with each other, and one chassis management board for managing the network.
  • Each Teradata Database node, hot standby node, PE node, or channel server contains a dual port InfiniBand adapter that connects to the BYNET V5 switch in each BYNET V5 cabinet. A TMS may contain a dual port InfiniBand adapter that connects to the switches.
  • Individual optical InfiniBand cables are used to connect Teradata Database nodes, hot standby nodes, PE nodes, TMSs, and channel servers in expansion cabinets, or channel servers and TMSs in (optional or required) Platform Framework Cabinets, to the BYNET V5 switches in each BYNET V5 cabinet.
  • If the system is included in a UDA environment, some ports on the BYNET V5 InfiniBand switch are used for UDA connections. The number of ports needed depends on the UDA configuration. For more information, see the Teradata Unified Data Architecture InfiniBand and Server Management Configuration Guide, B035-6001.
  • For port-to-port cabling, see the appropriate Hardware Installation Guide .