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The following syntax rules apply when using Teradata FastLoad commands:

  • Commands may begin with a period, but do not have to begin with a period.
  • If there is no leading period, then there must be a semicolon at the end.
  • If the command has a leading period, it must all be on one line. Commands that begin with a period cannot span multiple lines.
  • Although a semicolon character should always be used to signify the end of a Teradata FastLoad command, it is not required for simple commands such as SHOW and SESSIONS.
  • The ending semicolon character is optional for Teradata FastLoad commands that both begin with a period and are specified on a single line.
  • Teradata SQL statements must not have a leading period and must always end with a semicolon.
  • If the command contains unbalanced double or single quotes, the command must be started with a period and on a single line. It can terminate with semi-colon (;).