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June 2021
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If Teradata FastLoad is running in a UNIX operating system, be aware of the UNIX signals used by Teradata FastLoad. Teradata FastLoad UNIX signals cannot be used in any module or routine programmed for use with Teradata FastLoad. Doing so causes an error in Teradata FastLoad.

Teradata FastLoad uses the following UNIX signals:
  • SIGINT (interrupt signal)
  • SIGQUIT (quit signal)
  • SIGTERM (terminate signal)
  • SIGUSR1 (user signal 1)
Signals are predefined messages sent between two UNIX OS processes to communicate the occurrence of unexpected external events, or exceptions. Aborting a Teradata FastLoad session while Teradata FastLoad is in the middle of processing a job is an example of an exception. In this scenario, Teradata FastLoad uses the UNIX signals to trap the abort command, disconnect all sessions, do any necessary cleanup, and then terminate in an orderly manner.