Normal Termination of FastLoad | Teradata FastLoad - 17.10 - Normal Termination - FastLoad

Teradata® FastLoad Reference

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June 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)

Use the LOGOFF or QUIT command in a Teradata FastLoad batch job script or interactive session to terminate Teradata FastLoad normally on both workstation-attached and mainframe-attached client systems:

LOGOFF and QUIT syntax
Teradata FastLoad logs off all sessions with the database and returns a status message indicating the following:
  • The total processor time that was used.
  • The job start and stop date/time.
  • The highest return code that was encountered:
    • 0 if the job completed normally
    • 4 if a warning condition occurred
    • 8 if a user error occurred
    • 12 if a fatal error occurred
  • Whether the utility terminated or paused

For more information about return codes and the conditions that terminate or pause Teradata FastLoad, see LOGOFF or QUIT.