Checkpoint Tradeoffs | Teradata FastLoad - 17.10 - Checkpoint Tradeoffs - FastLoad

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June 2021
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Though the checkpoint feature substantially enhances Teradata FastLoad restart operations, it also reduces the speed of the Teradata FastLoad job. Always consider the following factors when deciding how often to specify checkpoints:
  • Each checkpoint temporarily halts the multiple session data transfer feature of Teradata FastLoad, thereby decreasing the speed of the Teradata FastLoad job.
  • For each checkpoint, Teradata FastLoad waits for each session to complete sending its current request, which interrupts the data transfer operation.
  • The record size and the size of the database influence how often checkpoints should be specified. On a smaller database, specify checkpoints:
    • Every 50,000 records if each record is more then 4 KB
    • Every 100,000 records if each record is less than 4 KB

      On a larger database, specify higher (less frequent) checkpoint values.