16.20 - About Installing Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) on z/OS - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Tools and Utilities for IBM z/OS Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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October 2018
English (United States)
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Teradata Tools and Utilities for z/OS is available on media and by electronic download. In both cases the package is the same. To install Teradata Tools and Utilities on z/OS, you need the following two sets of software:

Software Package Description Source Usage Notes
Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) for IBM z/OS (MVS) This package contains TTU as distributed by Teradata. Your Teradata Sales Channel If you have received this TTU ESD for z/OS on media, the package can be found as the .bin file with a name starting with the Product ID in the root directory.
PPXPAND package for TTU on z/OS The PPXPAND package supplies the tool and instructions for uploading patch package files to z/OS and expanding them for use with SMP/E. TSS (Teradata Software Server)  
All of the patch packages for TTU on z/OS These packages contain the latest updates to TTU software. TSS via your Teradata @ Your Service account, or by request from your Teradata site support team.  

When installing TTU software you can prepare either DASD work data sets or a distribution tape. In the tasks that follow, choose one or the other method.

The installation process consists of the following procedures:

  1. Upload and expand the TTU software package.
  2. Customize the software.
  3. Prepare and install either:
    • DASD work data sets
    • Distribution tape
  4. Clean up TTU Installation.
  5. Install TTU Patches.