15.00 - 15.10 - Session and Configuration Management Tools - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Introduction to Teradata

Teradata Database
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Database management tools include utilities for investigating active sessions and the state of Teradata Database configuration, such as:

  • Query Session
  • Query Configuration
  • Gateway Global
  • The following table contains information about the capabilities of each utility.


    This utility…

    Does the following…

    Query Session

  • Provides information about active Teradata Database sessions.
  • Monitors the state of all or selected sessions on selected logical host IDs attached to Teradata Database.
  • Provides information about the state of each session including session details for Teradata Index Wizard. For more information about Teradata Index Wizard, see “Teradata Index Wizard” on page 144.
  • Query Configuration

    Provides reports on the current Teradata Database configuration, including:

  • Node
  • AMP
  • PE identification and status
  • Gateway Global

    Allows you to monitor and control the sessions of Teradata Database workstation‑connected users.