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As application environments expand to include mixed workloads for both decision support and near‑real‑time analytic processing, maximizing the performance of the Teradata Database becomes more challenging. Teradata provides the Teradata Analyst Pack to enable you to analyze and tune your database queries for better performance. The Teradata Analyst Pack simplifies your DBA and query planner's jobs by automating the steps required to analyze and optimize your Teradata Databases. The following table describes the Teradata Analyst Pack tools and what each tool provides.


This tool for workstation-attached clients…


Teradata Index Wizard

analyses of various SQL query workloads and suggests candidate indexes to enhance performance of those queries.

Teradata System Emulation Tool (Teradata SET)

the capability to examine the query plans generated by the test system Optimizer as if the queries were processed on the production system.

Teradata Visual Explain (Teradata VE)

provides a graphical depiction of the execution plan of complex SQL statements.