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Teradata Parallel Transporter (Teradata PT) is an object-oriented client application that provides scalable, high-speed, parallel data extraction, loading, and updating.

Teradata PT uses and expands on the functionality of the traditional Teradata standalone extract and load utilities, that is, FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport, and TPump.

Teradata PT supports:

  • Process-specific operators: Teradata PT jobs are run using operators. These are discrete object-oriented modules that perform specific extraction, loading, and updating processes. There are four functional operator types:
  • Producer operators that read data from a source and write it to data streams.
  • Consumer operators that read from data streams and write it to a data target.
  • Filter operators that read data from data streams, perform data filtering operations such selection, validation, and condensing, and then write filtered data to data streams.
  • Standalone operators that perform processing that does not involve receiving data from, or sending data to, the data stream.
  • Access modules: These are software modules that give Teradata PT access to various data stores.
  • A parallel execution structure: Teradata PT can execute multiple instances of an operator to run multiple and concurrent loads and extracts and perform inline updating of data. Teradata PT maximizes throughput performance through scalability and parallelism.
  • The use of data streams: Teradata PT distributes data into data streams shared with multiple instances of operators. Data streaming eliminates the need for intermediate data storage (data is not written to disk).
  • A single SQL-like scripting language: Unlike the standalone extract and load utilities, each of which uses its own scripting language, Teradata PT uses a single script language to specify extraction, loading, and updating operations.
  • A GUI-based Teradata PT Wizard: The Teradata PT Wizard helps you generate simple Teradata PT job scripts.