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Teradata CLIv2 for workstation-attached systems is a Teradata proprietary API and library providing an interface between applications on a TCP/IP-connected client and Teradata Database server. Teradata CLIv2 for workstation-attached systems can:

  • Build parcels which are packaged by Micro Teradata Director Program (MTDP) and sent to Teradata Database using the Micro Operating System Interface (MOSI).
  • Manage all interactions between the application and Teradata Database.
  • Provide an application with a pointer to data rows returned from Teradata Database.
  • MTDP

    MTDP is the interface between Teradata CLIv2 for workstation-attached systems and MOSI. Functions of MTDP include:

  • Session initiation and termination
  • Logging, verification, recovery, and restart
  • Physical input to and output from the server
  • Note: MTDP does not control session balancing; session balancing on workstation‑attached systems is controlled by Teradata Database Gateway on the server.


    MOSI is the interface between MTDP and Teradata Database. MOSI is a library of service routines providing operating system independence among clients that access Teradata Database. With MOSI, only one version of MTDP is required to run on all workstation‑attached platforms.