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Teradata Database supports Target Level Emulation (TLE) both on Teradata Database and in the client as follows.


Teradata Database supports…

On the…

Target Level Emulation (TLE)

Teradata Database.

Teradata System Emulation Tool (SET)

client. For information about Teradata SET, see “Teradata System Emulation Tool” on page 144.

Teradata Database provides the infrastructure for TLE. You can use the standard SQL interface to capture the system configuration details and table demographics on one system and store them on another.

Usually the information is obtained from a production system, then stored on a smaller test or development system. With this capability, the Optimizer can generate access plans similar to those that are generated on a production system. You can use the plans to analyze Optimizer-related production problems. This information can also be used by Teradata SET.