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Teradata Index Wizard
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What-if analysis on a workload

Allows you to perform what-if analysis on a given workload. You can “play” with various aspects of the index information to tweak recommendations for greater performance. For more details, see “What-if Analysis” on page 91What-if Analysis.

Schedule recommended indexes

Allows you to schedule a recommended set of indexes for a specific date and time. This feature works with Teradata Query Scheduler 6.2. For more details, see “Schedule Recommendation” on page 130Schedule Recommendation.

Index Wizard can be started from other client programs

Teradata Index Wizard can be started from Teradata Visual Explain, Teradata Statistics Wizard. Teradata Index Wizard can also open these applications to help in your evaluation of recommended indexes. For more information, see “Working With Other Teradata Client Tools” on page 139Working With Other Teradata Client Tools.

Teradata System Emulation Tool can be used to help evaluate recommendations

The workload, along with the environment of the production system, can be imported to a test system using a separate tool called Teradata System Emulation Tool. For information about this tool, see “Teradata Analyst Pack” on page 19Teradata Analyst Pack.

Data Demographics Window

Teradata Index Wizard provides a Data Demographics window that displays the demography details of selected tables. For more details, see “Chapter 12 Data Demographics” on page 143Data Demographics.

Execute SQL Window Option

Teradata Index Wizard has an option that enables you to create and execute SQL statements either through Teradata SQL Assistant or through an Execute SQL-Query window in Teradata Index Wizard. For more details, see “Executing SQL Feature” on page 137Executing SQL Feature.

Teradata Index Wizard is part of a suite of software tools called the Teradata Analyst Pack. To learn more, see Teradata Analyst Pack.

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