15.10 - Working With Other Teradata Client Tools - Teradata Index Wizard

Teradata Index Wizard User Guide

Teradata Index Wizard
User Guide

Index Wizard is designed to work with other client tools to provide the DBA with the toolset necessary to fine tune the database to maximum efficiency. The tools Index Wizard works with include:

  • Teradata System Emulation Tool
  • Teradata Visual Explain
  • Teradata Statistics Wizard
  • Teradata SQL Assistant
  • These applications can be started from Index Wizard by clicking the respective buttons on the toolbar or selecting them from the Tools menu.

    Teradata Visual Explain also starts when Compare is clicked during the index validation process.

    Applications opened from Index Wizard automatically connect to the same database.

    Note: Statistics Wizard can be started from Index Wizard but does not automatically connect to the same database.

    1 From the Tools menu, choose the tool to open.

    2 The application opens.

    For information about how to use the application, refer to the Help menu or the user guide. See “Related Documentation” on page 4.