Upgrading Teradata Tools and Utilities - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Node Software Upgrade Guide: Overview and Preparation

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Review documentation for the latest Teradata Tools and Utilities and the Teradata Database Base System Release Definition to determine any upgrades required to support the target Teradata Database version.

Teradata Tools and Utilities Packages on Teradata Nodes Automatically Upgraded During a Teradata Database Upgrade

Certain Teradata Tools and Utilities packages allow communication between a Teradata client and the Teradata Database and are required on each node. These software packages are distributed on the Teradata Database CD-ROM or DVDs and are installed on the system nodes automatically as part of the Teradata Database upgrade. Patches for the Teradata Tools and Utilities packages are downloaded from the Teradata Software Server (TSS).

Teradata Tools and Utilities Applications On Client Servers That Require Upgrading Before a Teradata Database Upgrade

Database administration, Backup and Recovery and workload management utilities are very closely connected with the Teradata Database functionality and the latest releases of these products must be installed before upgrading to a new Teradata Database release. These can either be network attached or channel attached.
  • Backup and Recovery - ARC
  • Teradata Manager
  • Teradata Administrator
  • Wizards (such as for index and statistics)
  • Visual Explain
  • Teradata System Emulation Tool
  • Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager
  • Query Director
  • Metadata Services

Teradata Tools and Utilities Applications That Do Not Require Upgrading

New releases of the Teradata Database will operate properly with earlier releases of the Teradata Tools and Utilities. However, new features of the Teradata Database release may not be usable with earlier Teradata Tools and Utilities releases. Often systems with many users require much effort to distribute updated Teradata Tools and Utilities applications to the users. These multi-user client applications are certified to work with new Teradata Database releases and can be upgraded in phases as time and resources permit:
  • Application programming interfaces (CLI, ODBC, IDBC, OLEDB, PP2, Net Provider, and Teradata PT API)
  • Support libraries (ICU and TeraGSS)
  • End user utilities (SQL Assistant and BTEQ)
  • Load/Unload utilities (FastLoad, FastExport, MultiLoad, TPUMP, Teradata Parallel Transporter, OLELOAD, and Access Modules)
  • Developer Tools (IDE, such as Eclipse and Visual Studio)