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The scanner.log shows details for scanning jobs. The scannerPerf.log shows start and end times for scan and deploy operations.

The scanner log files are located in the following location:



The following example shows the progress of the scanner:

<logger name="com.teradata.da.unity"> <level value="info"/> <appender-ref ref="com.teradata.unity.scanner.coreAppender"/> </logger>

The following scanner log values are available.

ALL Includes all standard and custom levels.
DEBUG Shows events to use to debug.
ERROR Shows error events.
FATAL Shows severe error events.
INFO Shows progress of scanner.
OFF Turns off logging.
TRACE Shows events to help debug issues.
WARN Shows potentially harmful situations.

The following example shows a scanner.log.

[2016-11-08 14:43:37,029] (INFO) [main] LoggerConfig.initialize,47: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[2020-11-08 14:43:37,032] (INFO) [main] LoggerConfig.initialize,48: +++++++++++++++TRACE START++++++++++++++++++
[2020-11-08 14:43:37,033] (INFO) [main] LoggerConfig.initialize,49: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[2020-11-08 14:43:37,042] (INFO) [main] ServiceMain.init,102: Load configuration properties
[2020-11-08 14:43:37,043] (INFO) [main] ServiceMain.init,111: Listen port is: 61628
[2020-11-08 14:43:37,048] (INFO) [main] ServiceMain.start,59: Scanner service started
[2020-11-08 14:43:37,057] (INFO) [listenThread] ServiceMain$2.run,72: Receiving service connections on port 4324
[2020-11-08 14:48:38,418] (WARN) [Thread-1] SockHandler.run,456: request header: 00 00 01 20 ff 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 
[2020-11-08 14:48:38,556] (WARN) [Thread-1] CommandStream.readCommand,123: found element: ScanRequest